10 Reasons to Drop What You Are Doing and Register For Marketing Nation Live—Now

Marketing Nation Live, a B2B Marketing virtual event, is bringing together marketers from all over the world on September 18 for a day full of inspiration, education, and social networking.

The virtual event has a little bit of something for everyone. Here’s why we think you should register.

1. With two inspiring keynotes and 15 in-depth breakout sessions from Marketo Engage experts and customers, attendees will be empowered to unleash their full marketing potential in 2020.

2. It’s free. Need we say more?

3. Packed with tips and tricks for orchestrating end-to-end experiences for your customers, the event will help take your marketing strategy to the next level and help you set your company apart from the competition.

4. Perhaps the best part of all: You can put your suitcases away because it’s a virtual event. You can tune in live here to learn from industry-leading marketers on how to spark creativity, optimize campaign outcomes, and tie marketing’s impact to revenue!

5. Attendees can sharpen their marketing toolkit by connecting with partners and peers through a multitude of educational, interactive, and networking opportunities.

6. Hear how digital transformation and disruptive growth strategies are changing the game, and how you can too.

7. Marketo Engage customers and members of our Marketo Advocate Nation will share their marketing truths and best practices with you. No matter your level of Marketo Engage expertise or interest, we have breakout sessions tailored to your needs!

8. For our current Marketo Engage users, we have intermediate sessions taking place in the practitioner track. Experts will deep dive into their Marketo Engage use cases and share lessons learned.

9. There’s a business track specifically for current and aspiring marketing leaders interested in understanding how to incorporate marketing automation and Marketo Engage into their strategy for 2020.

10. We have inspiring thought leadership sessions that will highlight the latest industry trends and insights and empower you to lead your marketing teams fearlessly in this world of digital transformation.

This post originally appeared on the Adobe blog on July 24, 2019.

The post 10 Reasons to Drop What You Are Doing and Register For Marketing Nation Live—Now appeared first on Marketo Marketing Blog - Best Practices and Thought Leadership.

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Wow Your Crowd: The Recipe for Creating Exceptional Content Experiences

Expert Tips for Creating Memorable Experiences Through Content Marketing

Expert Tips for Creating Memorable Experiences Through Content Marketing Have you been to a stadium concert lately? The big ones touring the country tend to pull out all the stops. It’s not just a singer on stage — they are usually supported by a giant jumbotron as backdrop providing flashy visuals, along with fog machines, laser lights, platforms rising out of the ground, special guest cameos… the works.  Why is this? Because the bar has been raised. When fans plunk down the big bucks for tickets to see Drake or Carrie Underwood or The Rolling Stones, they expect more than seeing their favorite artists performing on stage. They expect an unforgettable experience that stirs all the senses. via GIPHY In content marketing, we see a continuing shift toward delivering full-on experiences. This emerging focus is evident in the steady growth of the term “content experience” in Google Trends over the past 10 years, and is now reaching a fever pitch as technology enables unprecedented sparkle and scintillation, while the shortening attention spans of our audience demand it.  The theme for this year’s Content Marketing World extravaganza, as well as our interactive preview and the series of blog posts wrapping up today, all lead back to this crucial edict: elevating experiences and wowing the crowd. The good news is that there are endless ways to creatively approach this initiative, and today we’ll draw inspiration from CMWorld speakers who will be taking the stage next week in Cleveland to offer up some memorable experiences of their own. The Greatest Content Marketing Show on Earth

3 Expert Tips on Stepping Up the Content Experience

#1 - Create Serial Content

It’s tempting to think about high-caliber content experiences in terms of pageantry and spectacle, but there are many simpler elements at play. Your audience wants content that it can contextualize, compartmentalize, and reliably look forward to. There’s a reason that almost every big Hollywood release these days is a spin-off, sequel, or reboot — viewers thrive on familiarity. For this reason, Jay Baer of Convince and Convert says serial content, steeped in quality and consistency, is a must. “This aids in recognition and findability and taps into the truism that multiple exposures are often needed to drive behavior,” Jay explains. And he says another key is making this serial content as easy as possible for your audience to get to. [bctt tweet="Ask yourself how your information and insights can be accessed with a minimum amount of effort or hassle for the consumer. - @jaybaer on minimizing content friction #CMWorld " username="toprank"] There are any number of ways to serialize your content. Maybe it’s breaking a big idea up into a series of blog posts, dissecting various components. Maybe it’s a run of videos mirroring the format of a TV season. And of course, podcasts are gaining fast popularity as an inherently serial form of content.  At TopRank Marketing, we’re all about serial content. You can reliably find our Digital Marketing News roundups (both blog and video) every Friday. Recently we’ve been running a Trust Factors series, examining the vital topic of trust in marketing from various angles. And in fact, you’re reading the final installment of a four-part series right now! Check out the previous “Wow Your Crowd” entries below: 

#2 - Use Tools and Technology Thoughtfully

There are so many eye-catching technologies out there offering new ways to package and deliver content. But don’t be blinded by bells and whistles. Add-ons like interactivity only make sense if they actually serve a meaningful purpose.  “The key for brands is to not just pursue these programs for the sake of doing it, or to ‘be cool,’ but to have a clear purpose and value-add,” says SAP’s Amisha Gandhi For example, when scrolling through the Greatest Content Marketing Show on Earth experience created by TopRank Marketing and Content Marketing Institute, you’ll be able to play games like shoot-the-duck and bop-the-clown. But these interactive gamification elements weren’t just thrown in for the heck of it; they’re meant to play up the midway/carnival vibes of the asset (and this year’s CMWorld conference). [bctt tweet="A memorable experience goes a long way. - @AmishaGandhi on raising the bar for content experiences #CMWorld" username="toprank"]

#3 - Measure and Optimize

The trouble with all this talk about content experiences is that they can feel difficult to quantify and report on. I mean, how do you measure audience delight? What is the ROI of someone grinning with glee while bopping clowns on their browser? To some degree, the benefits of a great experience are intangible, at least in the short-term. But we can still measure the impact by connecting consumption metrics with bottom-line results.  “I think of content marketing metrics in two dimensions: Business outcomes (how content is contributing to the business) and engagement metrics (a proxy for how much the target audience likes the content),” says Chris White of Capital One.  He breaks them down like this:  Engagement Metrics: 
  • Views
  • Total view time
  • View-through-rate
  • Percent of target audience (in relation to total viewers)
  • Comments
  • Likes/Reactions
  • Scroll depth
  • Pages-per-session
  • Bounce rate 
  • Time-on-site
Business Outcomes
  • Brand awareness/consideration
  • Remarketing audience size
  • Web traffic
  • Conversions
  • Customer behavior (e.g., retention, adoption rate, referrals, etc.)  
If you’re getting it right with customer experiences, you’ll see growth across all of these metrics over time. From our view at TopRank Marketing, engagement metrics and business outcomes (or proof of ROI) are among the seven essential elements for content marketing performance dashboard. Also included: benchmarks, goals, real-time KPI monitoring, traffic trends, and breakdowns by topic/persona. [bctt tweet="Every initiative is paired with a specific business outcome to evaluate performance. Although we keep tabs on engagement metrics, they do not dictate success by themselves. - Chris White of @CapitalOne on measuring content performance   " username="toprank"]

Experience Is Your Content Differentiator

Turn content experience into your competitive advantage. Create things that amaze your audience and leave them yearning for more. Utilize new trends and tech when appropriate to elevate your content. And, at all times, validate your efforts by measuring the right things and letting your customers dictate your direction. Is it silly to think about content marketing on the same terms as stadium concerts? I’d say it’s silly not to.  We’re counting down the days until the grand experience unfolds at Content Marketing World 2019 on Sept. 3, 2019 in Cleveland. Before then, you can find plenty more guidance on taking your programs to the next level in our interactive experience, The Greatest Content Marketing Show on Earth.

The post Wow Your Crowd: The Recipe for Creating Exceptional Content Experiences appeared first on Online Marketing Blog - TopRank®.

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Everyone else, also

Everyone else also thinks it’s about them.

Everyone else is in a hurry.

Everyone else is afraid.

Everyone else wonders if they’re being left behind.

Everyone else is tired.

Everyone else isn’t sure, either.

The good news is that everyone else also has unused potential and the ability to make an impact.

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Internet Marketing Tips – Latest Trends Deciding Success

internet marketing in Des Moines
 As any smart marketer would tell you – marketing is all about identifying the latest trends and capitalizing on them. When we mention the term ‘latest’ in the world of internet marketing it assumes an altogether different proportion. This new age marketing technique is constantly undergoing churning where new trends emerge and many of them die the natural death. If you wish to be on top of your internet marketing campaign you need to hire a reputable agency for Internet Marketing in Des Moines and work closely with them. Let us give you a glimpse of some of the latest trends that are deciding success for digital marketing campaigns.

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  • Multi-Front Marketing - No Air Force can win a battle without the support or land forces. The land forces in return need air cover to reduce casualties and win battles. Likewise, multi-front marketing campaigns have become the basic necessity. If you are already working on an SEO campaign you must complement it with Email Marketing (yes it still delivers results in spite of all obituary that has been written in the recent years) and Social Media campaigns.
  • Crisper Content - Have you ever wondered why direct messages on social media and WhatsApp have replaced email conversations? Long form write-ups may be the great way to explain interested users but if you want to hook new ones go for crispier content. A crisp message has it all to convert a potential client into your real client! 
  • Storytelling - With billions of words and millions of hours of videos being posted every day you need to differentiate yourself from others (read noise). Storytelling is a nice way of engaging your audience and monetizing these engagements. Businesses and internet marketing agencies in Des Moines and elsewhere are creatively telling stories and you should follow suit. 
  •  Video Marketing - Better phones, faster data, and increased network penetration – the ingredients are all right for video marketing. An average user would any day prefer watching videos in comparison to reading paragraphs of text. No wonder videos are helping brands generate more traction in terms of shares, likes, and promotions.
  • Social Media Influencers - While every business can’t afford to get a social media influencer on board if there are no budget constraints you can work with a social media influencer. You don’t need to hire an A-list celebrity but one within your community who has the decent fan following and can turn the opinions in your favor. 
Are you geared up to take the competition head on? Follow these trends and you would be on the right track.
In this article, we take a look at some of the latest trends that have emerged for internet marketing Des Moines and why you need to follow them.

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